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Elaziziya Factory

El Aziziya Co. for Cooling & Freezing and Food Industries have established on 1991, and since this date it works in the field of manufacturing Olives in several kinds, now it becomes one of the biggest companies not only in Egypt, but also in the middle east .

Our company is always keen to develop in this industry which is essential depends on the product quality and food safety by following the latest systems in this area by a team of experts in this field.

So, we becomes one of the biggest exporting companies to the customers who are searching for the Olives quality and its manufacturing whether to Europe or the markets of Latin America, America, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Italy in addition to the Arabian countries.

Thus we have gained confidence in the development, modernization and innovation of everything new in this industry in order to serve the needs of the customers and the foreign markets.

On the other hand, El Aziziya Co. have the excellent experience in manufacturing all kinds of White Cheese and Hard Cheese (Roomy) and this is due to years and years since 1918.

The main purpose was distinguish between those who are working in the same field and relaying on the quality and safety of the product through a group of experts at the high level of technology for permanent development.

And now we becomes one of the biggest companies in manufacturing Cheese, and our products are now displayed in the largest centres and chains in Egypt, and it witnessed by our customers and everyone for our good reputation in the Cheese industry relaying on modernization and development and keep abreast of everything new in this industry.


Our basic objectives

the continuous research and development to gain customer satisfaction


Our Vision

to be an integral part of every menu


Our Values

We have a client centered philosophy, we take his needs personal

We try to build a trusting relationship with our valued customers through providing them

with only the highest quality of elaziziya-guaranteed quality products

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